Saturday, December 27, 2008

First Tassel from the Book

After some reading through the book i finally made my first project from the tassels book.Its the first one simple soft Tassel.The very basic one ,i Used the skeins from my mom's old collection which she is not using anymore and after some cutting and cord making finally shaped it into a Tassel.I was very pleased the way cord looked.

Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Some more Old tassels

Here are some of the tassels that i had made in the previous years.

My most recent keyholder Tassel

Just before the book came i refurbished my old key tassel to give it a new look ,as the old one had too much of white threads in it ,i never liked it much as i wanted to show the mutiple colores which made the underskirt here are the old and the new tassel.
I am very much pleased with the Ruff around the neck of the Tassel .
I tried using different techniques ,for example with crochet but in the end i saw this ribbon and started threading a running stitch through it so when i pulled at one end the ribbon started gathering at the other end and made a nick thick braid.It covers the joining point of the skirt very beautifully and adds weight to the overall look of the tassel.

The Tassels book

This is my First post ,I'll be continuing my blog posts more regularly after my exams in Feburary,Till then i can post randomly all about my Craft experiments.
I got my long awaited book "The Tassels book" by Anna Crutchley yesterday finally.Its really a wonderful book ,and describes in detail the construction of different types of tassels ,i have skimmed through the book and read the basic techniques so far and i hope to make each and every tassel given in th
e book.
I got the book with the help of my dear Friend Janis saunders of ,who has been a great help throughout these past few years.