Friday, July 17, 2009

Indigo Drop Tassel

Well after a long Gap i finally managed to make another Tassel from the Book.Its the Indigo drop Tassel which is unusual because it doesn't have a skirt but consists to two beautiful shaped mold covered with silk threads.
The top mold was first covered by a fine silk and gold cord which i found in a nearby yarn store.and then i made three fine cords from silk threads and using the technique "Striping" i covered the upper mold with them dividing it in four equal halves.
after that i covered the bottom mold with silk threads after first making the warp of 20 threads in each blue and gold color and divided the bottom mold into eight equal halves.
after that i passed the main cord from the bottom mold and took it out through the upper mold thereby joining the two molds.after that made a simple small tassel of the leftover threads and attached it to the lower mold.